Corrupt images in sent campaigns?

We just recently sent out an email where all the images work and showed up in the test. After we sent the real email one of the images didn't show up...?

what would cause has happened before and we can't seem to see the problem.

I checked my images, my HTML and nothing is wrong...

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Sometimes this happens if your email client half downloads an image and the connection breaks, for example. We've also seen this happen when an email client's cache is full.

Another possibility is a problem connecting to the CDN (where the images are stored). Can you access the images if you try to load the URL for the missing image directly through your web browser?

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Denise, 6 years ago

It was an internal email sent to our entire company...And everyone couldn't see it when we sent out the campaign. The bottom part of the image with the link I put in showed up and worked..But the top part just showed up as a question mark to the entire company.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Did you manage to try accessing the image URL directly, from inside your company?

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PalmHavas PalmHavas, 6 years ago

There is a lot of missing images in our campaigns we sent this morning.

This is what happen when we put the image URL in a browser:

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

EDIT: If we wait enough, like 10 minutes, the images appears in our email and no more 503 error.

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi PalmHavas,

Thanks for letting us know that it's working again. We're looking into what may have caused the error.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Denise, 5 years ago

is there a phone number I can call to talk to someone? I think that would help


Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

Hi Denise,

We don't offer phone support, but we do have a support team located around the globe to help you over email - just send and email to and we'll be happy to help you further.

Campaign Monitor
Syntagm, 5 years ago

I have just found my template full of broken images. Reloaded it successfully and still found it full of broken images in the editor. I have mailed support and hope this can be resolved real quickly. Chris

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Chris, we emailed you back yesterday regarding our maintenance update. Thankfully, these issues have been resolved now, so a huge thank you for your support and patience.

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borovenskis borovenskis, 5 years ago

I am having the same issue with template images.. In the editor, they upload fine but when I try to preview the email, they're gone..

rjbell, 5 years ago

Just found the same issue with a client campaign and tracked links, looks like the same issue in this post as well:

Domain monitoring says my webserver was up and accessible at the time.  Maybe a problem with the DNS at CM?

This appears to be resolved now, but the 503 errors seem to have occurred between 10:30-10:38 my time (17:30 - 17:38 GMT, I believe).

Going to email support about this now as well.

Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

@rjbell - It does seem to have been a temporary issue on our end. Glad to hear you aren't seeing it anymore. I've just responded to your email.

@boronvenskis - could you send an email to if you are still having problems? We can take a better look at your account to help you.

Campaign Monitor
borovenskis borovenskis, 5 years ago

Thank you Carissa, everything is in tact.

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