I was wanting to know what Campaign Monitors actual deliverability numbers are? So if a client asks we can say.

I read a blog post on MailChimp (which has now been pulled) which had CampaignMonitor sitting at the low 70% range, is this true?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Scott,

We don;t publish those kinds of numbers -they just aren't practically useful at all because your deliverability is so much more impacted by your list and content.

However, MailChimp did update their post before pulling it. In that update, they excluded IPs we (and other email providers) don't actually send email from, and our rating then was in the mid 90s. That matches our own measurement.

If a client asks, you can let them know we have a good sender reputation and a deliverability monitoring system that ensures we find out if there is a problem, and take action to correct it. However, they should also spend more time thinking about how they gather their lists, and making sure they have kept it up to date by removing bounces and the like; that makes a much bigger difference.

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