Add Image to Default Content

I have an issue where Outlook wants to put my image above the text in an email, but it looks just fine in the browser (text wrapping around the image). I think the issue is that you have to put the image outside of the default content and as a result, the content gets a new paragraph and Outlook pushes the content to a new paragraph. The way I had to get around it was to make two columns but it doesn't look as nice. Is there a way to have the image inside of the default content? I've tried to modify the code, but everything I have tried has not worked.
Here is the code (in theory) that I would like to do.

<$description default="<p><img class='inline' src='<$imagesrc link='false'$>' width='165' height='165' alt='Main Content Inline Small' align='left'>Enter body content here</p>"$>

I know in PHP you can break the code up with "." and ASP you can do "&&" but I don't know how to slip this in there. I have tried ending the $ tag and that just caused problems.

Any suggestions?

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