How to best send multiple previews?

I am trying to build an application using the API to send campaigns.

It seems there are a couple of conditions, I'm looking to confirm that my understating is right.

- All campaign names must be unique for a client
- A campaign can only be sent once

I see that after a campaign is sent, you can edit and resend (though the website).  It looks like it creates another copy of the campaign with the same name (which can't be done though the API?).

If using the API how can someone preview multiple times?  It is highly unlikely they will want to preview only once.

What would be the suggested flow for creating a campaign, doing multiple previews and then sending a final version?

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi vision,

When you use the API to create a campaign, it returns a CampaignID which you can use in subsequent campaign-related calls to the API.

Using that CampaignID, you can make send previews, and you are allowed to do so several times, within reasonable limitations (see the Error Responses section on that page for more information on those limits).

Once your client is satisfied with the quality of the previews, they can use the same campaignID to send the campaign. You are correct in saying that this can only be done once. If you wish to send another identical campaign, you can create another one (with a different name) using the same URLs.

Hope that helps,

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