Dynamic unsubscribe link


Is it possible to create a dynamic unsubscribe link for each e-mail recipent in a campaign?

My scenario is the following:

I have recipients i 3 different systems - one of the is campaign monitor.

I want to be able to always provide one link which the user can activate to unsubscribe - no matter what of my 3 systems the e-mail is registered in.

So if it is possible for campaign monitor to call a webservice with the e-mail as parameter and get an encrypted link back - for each e-mail - and add this link to the e-mail before sending it to the user - then I would "know" the e-mail when the encrypted link is used...

Anyone know if this is possible with campaignmonitor - this kind of "dynamic field" in the template?

kind regards

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately the kind of behaviour you're looking for isn't available, but we do have a feature which may be sufficient for your needs. On unsubscribing, by default we redirect any subscribers to a generic page. You can customize the unsubscribe page of each list, either in the application (look for the link in the right column in the web applications) or via the API, to any page of your choosing, hosted wherever you prefer.

If you put the tag [email]in that url we will replace with the email address of whichever subscriber has just unsubscribed, giving you the ability synchronize any unsubscribes that happen in Campaign Monitor with any other necessary systems. Would that be enough to cover your case?


tsiv, 6 years ago


Thanks for the answer and I apologise for not answering before now. I have been busy and kinda forgot the initial problem :-)

I'm not sure if it's secure enough to rely on a static link with a variable email in it...

I would definately prefer an option to call my own webservice and return an encrypted email and apply that to the unsubscribe url - but if that's not available I will look into the other option...

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