Complicated client request


I doubt this can be done but thought i'd ask the question. We have a client that wants a complicated system to send out an email to a list of signed up users which will contain the users details including name, address, etc and also an account number. These details will be supplied using a CSV file and I know this can be done with campaign Monitor using the additional tags that can be added to the email template.
The complicated bit comes as he wants a link on the email to go to a form where the user will see his/her personal & account details again but will need to fill in a section at the bottom to authenticate his/her account.
Is there anyway of doing this using the Campaign Monitor api and maybe an external form system like wufoo.


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi Karl,

I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for. You could always just send people to a login form, but it sounds maybe like you're wanting to prepopulate the page with subscriber detail. Either way, it's not really API functionality, but you'll be pleased to know that our links are customizable in the same way the email content is. So if you put a link in your campaign like this...[email,fallback=]&id=[id,fallback=]
... we will replace [email]and [id] (and any other personalization tag) with the appropriate values whenever a subscriber clicks on it.

Over on the blog, Ros and Matt have written heaps of blog posts about personalizing email links and integrating with Wufoo. Those aren't the only ones, so a bit of creative searching on the blog might help you come up some more appropriate suggestions.


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