Any way to dynamically switch out hosted images in a template?

Has anyone had to deal with a situation like this before?

I have a client that sends out emails once a week thru my CM account in support of their ecomm site. They run monthly specials, and would like an "ad" in their templates that they want switched out every month.

What I did was this: I designed the template with an "ad" which is a .jpg that is hosted on their site with a common name (monthly-special.jpg), and in the template it links back to the Monthly Specials page on their site . I figured I'd then switch out the "ad" every month to go along with the new monthly specials by changing the hosted .jpg - which hopefully would switch out in the uploaded template when it got sent out.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be working - looks to me like that the hosted .jpg gets pulled into CM's hosting when the template is uploaded, which means that the only way I can change the ad in the template is to update/reupload the template every month. UGH.

Anyone know of a way to have that content dynamically pulled every month rather than have to update/reupload the template every month?

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You can add some code in the template so that the image is hosted on your client's website instead of by us. That way you can switch it out there. See here for how to do that.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
gtomlinson gtomlinson, 6 years ago

Diana - that works perfectly, thank you so much for the heads-up!

Gregg Tomlinson

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