ipad rendering: horizontal lines appearing

Hi everyone! -

So I've been racking my brains out helping a colleague at work try to troubleshoot this annoying little issue within the iPad.

You see - when we send tests of html emails and go view it on the iPad, sections of the email would split, causing the background color to come into view which makes it appear as if they're horizontal lines were going through the email.

The weird thing about this is when you zoom in on the email the lines would go away.

I found out that these horizontal lines are actually any <td> that has any type of content placed within them.


  <td id="content-container">

    hello world - this is some text!


Any comments, questions, or tips would be greatly appreciated.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Welcome to the forums, email-ninja! You will have to post your code in this thread for us to test it out with certainty, but my first guess is that the default text size on the iPhone/iPad may be breaking your layout. Here's a post on a fix to this.

Let us know how you go, or feel free to post your design here. Good luck! :D

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style campaign style campaign, 6 years ago

This sounds like a bug we came across a while back. Any <td>'s that equal the size of the enclosing table will cause a line on the iPhone/iPad at the cell border. Particularly when you have multiple table cells whose sum equals the size of the enclosing table (if that makes sense).

Our fix was to have the sum of cells equal the size of the table minus two (pretty dumb). Or to have one cell with undefined dimensions which could grow to the appropriate width.

- Anna

drobins323, 6 years ago


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