Howto hide a specific campaign from archive?


My customer likes to hide a specific campaign from their campaign-archive which is shown to the public. I found the following possibilities:

* Delete campaign, which has the drawback that the campaign is completely removed, no reports are possible anymore
* 'Hidden from clients' in the Reports-Tab which the client cannot do by himself AND obviously he doesn't have the campaign in his reports anymore.

Is there any other way which I've been overlooked?
Is there perhaps a reason for this missing feature?

Personally I'd vote on a solution which adds an option to the campaignlist named 'hide from archive'.

Thx & kind regards,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Boris, there isn't really a third option for hiding the campaign in the archive, I'm sorry to say. We've had a couple of requests like this from folks who would like their clients to control the visibility of campaigns, so I'll certainly add your vote internally and keep you posted if we implement this in a future release.

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go4 go4, 6 years ago

Please add another vote.

This is a feature that we've had lots of requests from clients for. Many of our clients use CM for both regular newsletters, which they'd like to show in an archive as well as sporadic client contact campaigns about specific things that they don't want to show. I'd suspect many others are in the same boat. Turning off visibility is not a viable workaround because then the client can't see their reports. The way we do this at present is by manually adding a link to chosen campaigns on archive pages which is inefficient.

The way it currently works has never seemed super logical to me because you're tying in two very different things - report visibility, which is for clients vs campaign visibility in archives, which is for site visitors.

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maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

+1 from my side!

Anke Anke, 6 years ago

+1, I would love to have a feature that allows clients to hide the newsletters from the generated archive.

I ended up giving the client MY own log-in, since it was not possible for them to hide their non-public announcements from their website.  And sometimes it couldn't wait for me to return form my weekend-break. Hey, you don't want to invite the whole world to your exclusive clients-only-christmasparty.. ;)

Webdesigner and front-ender at Two Kings, Den Haag, NL
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Anke, thank you so much for expressing your interest here - we'll be looking into both this and the possibility of having multiple logins, as we wouldn't want you to be sharing your login credentials too widely!

On that note, can I come to your Christmas party? ;)

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