Custom field included in autoresponder

I've used CM for years, but I am struggling to set up an autoresponder that includes a custom field.  I created a form (using CampaignMonitor) where someone can subscribe to our email list, and then they are supposed to receive a serial number via the autoresponder upon submission.  I set everything up.  I created an autoresponder and a custom field (BetaCode) and I uploaded serial numbers in "lists" with the header "BetaCode."  I also included [BetaCode,fallback=] in my HTML.  However, the serial number is NOT included in the autoresponder.  I'm at my wits end!  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Also, perhaps tellingly, I also tried to personalize the subject line with the user's first name (as submitted in the form), but that isn't being passed through either.  Has anyone successfully personalized an autoresponder with custom fields?  Any suggestions for me?   If this doesn't work by EOD, I'm going to have to find another provider, but I would love to stay with CM since I like the service. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!!

LBarret, 6 years ago

Hi Lisa,
I have the same pb. Did you solve it ?


Lisa 531, 6 years ago

Yes, unfortunately Campaign Monitor can't do what I was trying to accomplish (send out a unique serial number upon submission of the form).  In order to do that, the "BetaCode" field would have to be a hidden part of the form (easy) and have a serial number dynamically entered via Javascript (not so easy). I was trying to avoid having to get a developer involved, but we eventually wound up building this ourselves since Campaign Monitor couldn't pull a serial from a pre-uploaded list and inject it into my auto-responder.  I submitted this request to, so maybe if you follow on, they will consider adding this feature.  They wrote back and said this is a little outside of their current product scope (too "transactional" in nature).

There is another option, though, if the e-mail doesn't have to go out instantly.  You can upload a list of serial numbers and assign them to e-mail addresses via lists and then send e-mails in batches.  This isn't what I was looking to do, but it is a solution if you can batch e-mails and send them out a few times a day instead of sending them out instantly.  I hope this helps!

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