How long are image files stored?

Hello email-magicians.

Can anyone say how long uploaded images in campaigns are stored on the CM servers? I've got campaigns from 2008 which are now missing images. It's not an issue, and no-one is opening those messages anymore - simply my curiosity as to whether there is a fixed policy.

Best wishes


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Jonathan, in theory, we store your images indefinitely. Admittedly some images in a few older campaigns (including yours) did go missing during an earlier app update - this was unintentional and if you contact our support team with details, we may be able to restore them for you.

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jonathan, 6 years ago

Many thanks for your reply. That's great to hear. You must have a huge scrapbook!

That's fine. No need to dig out the old files, they're long forgotten ...

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