Seeking a developer for immediate project

Hi All,

We have a client using CampaignMonitor to send out their weekly news updates. They're looking to streamline the process by having us work with the CampaignMonitor API to almost entirely automate their newsletter create and send.

Basically what they'd have is a series of XML fields pushing into the template and then a cron setup to automatically send the campaign each time, therefore reducing the amount of manual work on their end.

The current situation is:

1) We setup a template for the client in Campaign Monitor
2) The client goes in weekly, updates content
3) The client sends the campaign

What they're trying to achieve is a more automated setup where the same XML feeds that populate content on their website also automatically feed into a mali template and is automatically sent.  Therefore, almost NO manual work remains in the campaign send process.  The amount of work that it takes for them is the same work it takes for them to update their site.

Please contact me via reply to this thread for more.  Serious inquiries only, please.

Thank you,

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