Issues with Webhook / ColdFusion


I've created a webhook for a list in my account with the API. Its active and tests ok (gets a 200 response back).

However, how do i capture the information it posts back with ColdFusion (9)? I'm currently dumping back the form and url variables of the page into a pdf thats saved. But returns blank!

Any ideas?

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Hmmm, i know the webhook is hitting my page (it generates a dated pdf when i run the test webhook api call)...

Jonathon Joyce
JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Bingo! Able to get the content now and use, however, a light oversight with the data provided:

No client ID is provided!
I know the list id is but i want to use the webhooks to email the new subscriber to the email address of the client.
There's no way to do this is there? (other than looping all lists in all clients until the id's match?)

Am i overlooking something?

Jonathon Joyce
tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Hey Jonathon,

Your not overlooking anything the Client ID is not available in the webhook data unfortunately. One option that is available to you is to include the Client ID in the URL used for the webhook notification. There's no restrictions on including query string information in your subscribed URL's.
Say you were subscribing with the URL

You could instead subscribe with the the URL
JonJoyce, 6 years ago

Ahhh brilliant, didnt think of that.


Jonathon Joyce

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