Any help with Coldfusion available?

Firstly what a great service! I'm impressed by the whole site and also the provision for developers to link up their own code. Great I thought, this will allow me to bolt-on a superb email campaign system into my own CRM app, hopefully painlessly!

The HTTP GET works a treat, add subscribers, get lists, all work without a hitch. Aha custom fields! I can upload my DB IDs along with subscriber details to make data processing efficient.


You need to use the webservice API. This is where Coldfusion falls flat as it cannot handle the overloading method.

Spent sometime today trying to track down a solution to the non-standard implementation of the webservice and the 'stub' problem won't go away. Found one suggestion to use PHP, unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about this, although I suspect a crash course might be in order :)

Has anyone found a solution? Despite a rather bad headache I've been able to find very little useful info!

Jason Jason, 10 years ago

Hi Tyran,

We've actually recently posted a fix for this problem that you may be able to make use of. Since learning that overloading methods is not really SOAP compliant, and people having similar issues to you using the wsdl description, we've added an additional method.

You can now use Subscriber.AddWithCustomFieldsWSDL (standard method name is AddSubscriberWithCustomFields()) to do what you are after using the webservice API. You won't need to use HTTP GET, and hopefully ColdFusion doesn't fall over now with the new method names.

If you continue to have trouble, get in touch with support and we'll try and help you out.

Tyran, 10 years ago

Cheers Jason, having a few issues trying to get CF to find these, I'll get in touch with Support.

Thank you!

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