Link within email to optin for new products


I want to send a email out, that markets a new upcoming product. I want to send the new information to people who want the information and optin.

Wondering how I can create a very simple link in a email, that updates a custom field that says "please send me info X"

I've done it before with emaillabs using a form, but forms are a hassle.


Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

hi htbub,

a similar, if not identical, feature is discussed in this thread - this should cover all you need :)

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
htdub, 9 years ago

Thanks Stormy

That is the way I did it for the campaign, but I can't seem to figure out a way to export those link activity subscribers with more than just their email and clickthrus.

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

The way Stormy is talking about, you wouldn't actually export a new list to send to, but set up a segment with everyone who clicked on that specific link in that campaign. Any time you need to send a campaign to everyone interested in info X, you just choose that segment as the recipients.

Bonus benefit: Even if someone clicks the link after you've started sending the info X campaigns, they'll still be in the segment the next time you send one - with no extra work.

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