No joy from support yet so am throwing this up to the community.

Has anyone experienced broken links in email campaigns?

My clients access through http://email.MyDomain/ etc...

So all links in the emails they create begin with the above but are rediected to the destinations they add to their emails.

However one of my customers has just sent an email where none of the links work - they get as far as http://email.MyDomain/... and then hang.

I have checked the links that they entered into their email and they are fine so the problem is with CM... BIG PROBLEM!!!

Anyone know whats going on or seen this before?

JonJoyce, 6 years ago

It could also be an issue with your clients firewall/web connection?

Jonathon Joyce
Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi WingYip,

We've responded to all of the emails to support which we have received in the last 2 hours. Could it be that our email in response to you was filtered out? If so, it might be in your spam box. If you can't find it, could you please email in again to and we can look up your account to help you further. Then we can email you back directly to be sure you get our response.

Campaign Monitor
Carbon, 6 years ago

Hi, my clients have had the same problem with links today. Support have said they're "experiencing a couple of problems with the app. Causing broken links among other things"
This is a major problem for campaigns that have gone out with links not working. We all know people will only click once, they won't be checking to see if links have fixed themselves.

JesseEye, 6 years ago

We have been having the same issue here yesterday and today, sometimes the links from our sent campaign work great, and then sometimes they stall at the routing link.

Can someone from Campaign Monitor please reply to this issue? Is there a time we can expect to see this resolved?


Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

@Carbon - Are your campaigns with the broken links based on templates? If so, this was likely caused by a small known bug which recently came up for campaigns that use a template. This is easily caught before sending a campaign by clicking through the links when previewing the campaign to make sure they all work. If you find one that doesn't, a quick fix is to make a small change somewhere in the editor and save again. We'll be making an update this weekend which will permanently fix this issue.

If that doesn't fix it, please contact our support team so we can see what might be the problem.

@JesseEye - thank you for sending an email in to support!

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