Broken images in Campaign


I'm having the same issue as other recent posts -

Campaigns are previewing fine, but the images are broken when the campaign is sent to a test email. Please can you look into this asap - it appears this could be the start of a larger problem? (username: ciphr).

I need to send a campaign tomorrow, so please can you let me know why this has happened/what has caused it?



Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi Dan,

Thank you for giving us the heads up about the 503 error. I've just checked your account and sent myself a test of your recent draft and the images are working for me. Seems to have been the same temporary issue as the others have reported which caused the error and then kept the images from loading. So sorry for the delay in being able to use our service. We are working to catch the last of these gremlins. Do please let us know if you see them again!

Campaign Monitor
dwhitmore, 6 years ago

This worked for a short while today, but has now reoccurred - the images sometimes load, sometimes don't - it's really concerning, because I can't trust the email shot to appear successfully when sent to our Clients.

Why is this happening? - importantly, why is this clearly happening to multiple users?


Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi Dan,

Yes, we did have some customers report that they'd seen these errors for a short while again today. It is affecting a small group of our customers, but we aren't able to track down why this is just yet. They come up quickly and clear up quickly, so it's been hard to track down the root issue. We are definitely as keen to catch any and all remaining causes for these errors, as I understand you are wanting to send out your campaigns without a hitch.

Campaign Monitor
garethf, 6 years ago

I'm also experiencing missing images when importing from the web. Source file and images appear as expected, but not when previewing or sending test campaign.

Shoon, 4 years ago

I'm having this problem today. Is there an issue with Campaign Monitor?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Shoon, we haven't had any issues reported on our end, so this is quite unique. I've just sent you an email in regards to this, as we'll need a few details from you so we can look into why this happened. Sorry for the trouble!

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