Cellspacing not displayed in Gmail using Internet Explorer

Hello CM boardies,

I have a problem in my email designs. I use lot's of cellspacing (padding) to create whitespace in the designs but I just found out (after about 100+ templates) that when a customer opens his email in his Gmail account within Internet explorer all the padding is gone and the Email looks like crap, shown here example IE8 x Firefox 3.6

An "easy" fix would be offcourse to use Spacer images but this is a major job I will have to do and this has quite a few disadvantages.

My questions are: is this a common/known problem? and is there a solution to fix this easily without reformatting all the templates ?


jerallyn jerallyn, 6 years ago

Instead of cellspacing/cellpadding, use empty td cells and set width="xxx" on every td. Each td width needs to be pixel accurate within its relative table. You would have to reformat your templates, but this method works cross email clients.

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