Third Party Vendor Subscribers and CAN-SPAM

One of my clients spoke with an email service that’s offering them a “third party vendor

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


Lists like that can be tricky. They're often legal, as long as your client allows subscribers to opt-out of the email. However, they're very much against our policies, as we require anyone your client contacts to have explicitly and directly asked to hear from your client specifically, rather than supposedly asking to hear from 3rd party vendors in general. We've found that lists like that, while being technically legal, are often nothing but trouble. They'll cause lots of bounces, spam complaints and can cause an overall bad image of your client's company.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jforte, 6 years ago

Thanks Diana and I agree but was wondering. Under these circumstances, would my client be required to provide this type of subscriber with an option to unsubscribe from the email itself, as well as from their website? Or, is unsubscribing from the email all that's required?


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