Broken Images / 503 Errors


I can't preview properly the campaigns i needed to schedule today, i've already looked in the forum and it seems you guys are having a few gremlins around! The problem is perhaps because of them being in touch with water or direct sunlight! But either way, can't you get some expert help from Ghostbusters or whatever ? I really need to preview and get this campaigns sent/scheduled ASAP! Please let me know how's it going and if you expect to have the gremlins out of your premises and all of this fully working in the next hour or so! My login is the same as used in here.

Good luck in getting rid of them!

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi Pedro,

We are not getting any more reports of these errors which kept your campaign's images from loading, and we aren't able to see any more of them ourselves. It seems that they have passed. Are you still seeing them?

Campaign Monitor
planetvideosystems, 6 years ago

Hi Carissa,

Thanks for your e-mail! It's been ok over the last few minutes (though sometimes it still feels like that there is a gremlin-glitch happening and the site becomes irresponsive/slow), but, it's usable and can get everything sorted now!

Thanks! :)

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


Great! We're chasing that gremlin to ground! Big mallet at the ready when we finally find where it's hiding.

D. Potter
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