Segments and Multi Option Fields (select many)

I have a subscriber list with several fields as well as the standards. Gender, State, and Interests. Gender and State are both text fields, and Interests is a multi-option (select many) field. Interests can hold values of "Menswear", "Womenswear", "Kids" and "Baby". Since it's multi-option select many, people can select all of them, or any combination.

I have 3 emails to send, and I have to ensure that no subscriber receives more than 1 of them. To do that, we want to segment as follows;

1. Gender=Male  AND  Interests=Kids OR Interests=Baby
2. Gender=Male  AND  State=NSW  AND is not in Segment 1
3. Gender=Female  AND  State=NSW  AND  is not in Segment 1

To do that, I've created Segment 1 as above. Segment 2 is:

Gender=Male AND State=NSW AND Interests does NOT equal Kids AND Interests does NOT equal Baby

But this isn't working, as when I create it this segment still includes people that have selected Kids and/or Baby as an Interest in this multi-option (select many) field.

I'm guessing that this just won't work on a multi-option select many field as it's trying to do exact matching. So that will exclude people that have selected ONLY Kids or ONLY Baby, but if they've selected anything else as well, the logic just doesn't work.

Is there a way to do this or will I have to do all the exclusions manually? Or is my logic flawed?

h2o, 5 years ago

I know this is an old thread but we need the same ability - the Boolean operators don't work properly with the multi-option custom field as far as I can tell. Am I doing something wrong?

All I want is: X in not selected  AND  Y is selected.

Is that possible? At the moment I'm having to export everything to Excel, do the checks there, update another custom field based on whether the condition is true, and upload that, which isn't an efficient/sustainable process!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Danny, we're really sorry about the trouble you're having with our segments here. The good and bad news is that this is a known bug - when creating a segment, 'custom field = X AND custom field != Y', the subscribers that fall into 'custom field != Y' are not excluded from the segment. This is a shortcoming on our part and we're certainly looking into getting this fixed.

We're sincerely sorry for creating this extra work and will be certain to let you know once we have this fixed.

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h2o, 5 years ago

If it's in the works then that's good news - I just wouldn't want to keep exporting/importing as a permanent workaround ;)

vassilis, 5 years ago


Please let us know when this is solved.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thank you for the nudge, vassilis - I've added your interest and will get back to you when I have some news on its progress. Many thanks again!

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as2004, 4 months ago

We need this functionality as well. I'm surprised in five years it hasn't been possible to provide this feature - it seems a pretty basic requirement.

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