How to setup a demo

As suggested due to not being able to auto-setup new users, I have setup a demo account and sent a campaign.
Disabled list importing.

Now I cannot find how to stop demo users from changing things like passwords, deleting contacts, and all the other things that could cause problems.

Any help appreciated.

vince, 9 years ago

Anyone else setup a demo account and solved these things?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Vince, because you're only giving your potential new clients "client-level" access, they can't make any permanent or significant changes to your account. If you discover they've changed a password, etc, you can always jump into the admin account and correct that change.

It's not perfect, but it's also not very common for someone having a look around to mess with passwords, etc.

vince, 9 years ago

It must be a pain to maintain demo accounts being messed-up by users, as I cannot find anyone else here that does actually offer a demo login.

Can you guys provide some whitelable Flash demos ... pretty please? :-)


g-wiz, 9 years ago

Vince, I can recommend getting a copy of Camtasia and knocking up some video walkthroughs
DIY Email Newsletter Service

Not terribly good, but not bad for 30 minutes work either I'd say.

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Hi Vince,

I would like to put my vote behind a your demo request!

I set up a demo account a couple of days ago. I am not really happy with what I have come up with...I did not want to use a long list of real email addresses for obvious reasons. So I just used a few of my own email addresses....the results do not really mirror a real campaign. Also you want to show of the compare campaign feature and number of bounces ect this is a hassle to try to replicate.....

A video showing the reporting process and general CM features that we can use on our site is top of my list :) I will check out Camtasia in the meantime.


Hi g-wiz I just watched your video made with Camtasia and it works well...the Blue Peter reference made me smile....

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