Can we begin with a 26.000 base client list?


We are trying to get a new client and he has a list of 26.000 emails.
He ask us for a first sent, to test our platform.

We know there is a validation process with every new client. What we need to do to do this validation process easier?

Thanks a lot of!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


Congratulations on the new client. See for a discussion of our approval process, including how to start it off. Basically if you can work with your client to determine how they got permission (i.e which forms they used, or if they did it offline what action people took to join the list) then you can get through approval quickly.

The more specific you can be with the permission information the better. So "They all signed up" is not a useful answer, because we'd  have to ask "how, where and when did people sign up", for example.

Does that make sense? We also need to see the campaign itself setup (or a close draft of it) to check things like unsubscribe links.

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ghporras ghporras, 6 years ago

Perfect... Its very clear... Thanks!

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