Unsubscribe Page for managing multiple lists?

Does CM come with the ability to have a single page for a customer to manage all their lists from within a specific client?

For example, we have a Newsletter, Trial Sign Up (autoresponder) and Business Tips lists that are all populated from our Web App. We'd rather our customers not automatically unsubscribe from "all lists", and I know there is the option for them to only unsubscribe from a single list, but we want to offer them the ability to choose which options they do want to receive.

I'm sure there's probably a way to do it with the API, but i'm more conceptual than technical and I dont want to have to trouble our technical team unless I have to.

fingers crossed...

kain kain, 6 years ago


Criminal Mastermind
Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi kain,

Have you seen our Preference Center? You could use it to allow your subscribers to choose whether they'd like to get emails about business tips, the newsletter, or both. We don't recommend choosing to have their unsubscribe just affect the one list, rather than scrub them from all the lists, as this turns out to be more problematic than people realize later on. Instead, you could let them know what their options are within the text of the emails. For example, using text like "If you'd rather not get these business tip emails, change your preferences here. Otherwise you can unsubscribe from all our emails instantly." Might that work for you?

Campaign Monitor
paniell78, 6 years ago

I thing so

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