Adding a subscriber without sending confirmation mail.


I'm currently working on an implementation of the createsend API for a client's newsletter system.
Everything is working great and easy so far.
But I'm wondering, if it is possible to add new Subscribers to a List without having to send the opt-in mails. Just like importing email addresses from the campaign monitor web interface.
Or is it possible to set a users state to active via the API?

The user already confirms his newsletter subscription on his profile page at the clients website, so an extra layer of confirmation would be confusing. I'm aware of the possibility to create a Single opt-in list, so the system would just send a confirmation mail. But in this case I would have to handle at least two different lists for the same user group...

Thank you for help.

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

If you have the list set to confirmed opt-in, then adding people via the API will send the confirmation - otherwise it would not be a confirmed opt-in list.

I'm not clear on why you can't handle the confirmation through your client's website, and just leave the list as single opt-in though? Or are people added in some other way too?

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bise, 6 years ago

Yes, I also need to add people with the confirmed opt-in method. There are actually two different ways to subscribe in this system.
I'll go with two list  for now, but having all subscribers in one list would have been more handy. But it's not a big issue...
Thanks for your clarification :)

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