subscription form (widget) on website is not adding new subscribers.

people who subscribe to newsletter on the website are not being added to the subscriber list.  It was working fine a couple days ago and now it's not.

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi guys, sorry you're experiencing this problem.

When you say the people are "not being added", what do you mean? Do they see the "thanks you've been subscribed to out list" screen? Or do they a blank page or some other sort of error? Do you know if it's happening all the time, intermittently, or just during short periods?

If you have a bit more detail, that would be excellent to help us diagnose the problem, and if you contact support we can look at your particular account/list.

eltonlester, 6 years ago

I'm getting this too. when I click subscribe the form clears and nothing else happens. no redirect, no change the the number of subscribers appearing in the list.


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hmm... was the form working before? Has anything changed? There could be something wrong with the form itself.

We're not hearing these reports in general, so i'm afraid you'll need to contact as at support with your account and list details and we can take a closer look. Make sure you include the location of the subscribe form so we can test it directly.

eltonlester, 6 years ago

Sorted it out. My CMS (Joomla 1.6) was stripping the action code out of the form header.

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