Managing multiple language/region issues of an email campaign


I'm looking for workflow management tips to organize an approval process for a large mass email campaign which will run across several countries in multiple languages (essentially the same newsletter).

This is an ongoing bimonthly project; we'll be sending to several thousand clients in several countries.

Has anyone used CM in such a way? I've used the test email feature before to forward to a client for approval before sending, but never to so many people who could each say "approved" or "not approved".

I'm worried that a (strictly email) workflow management of this magnitude will be very difficult.

I have been told (but not seen for myself) that DoubleClick has/had a built-in approval feature in their mass email program (if it still exists).

Any ideas or suggestions for managing this workflow while still using Campaign Monitor would be great.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I can't really help with anything specific - all I can say is that from personal experience, the kind of applications which claim to manage this workflow for you tend to be more painful to use than useful - probably good for proving that someone was asked to approve it, but frustrating in actually trying to get the product out.

Sorry, that sounds quite depressing doesn't it! Anyone with other experiences?

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staceywaspe staceywaspe, 9 years ago

Thanks, Mathew.

I was afraid you'd say that. We're merging two workflows, in fact. My original workflow did not have a translation cycle, which is why my approval process was rather light. Now that I'll be handling all the campaigns globally, I need to build in or adopt a translation cycle. From what I can determine, this was handled through email (or DoubleClick) in the past.

I'm going to try using Basecamp and see what happens if I treat each campaign as a project, with a general catch-all project for items that affect our mass email program overall.

I'll probably still end up getting the approvals via email, but maybe if I have checklists, I won't get worried I've missed something along the way. (I really need to try to be more organized!)

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