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Mailing lists usually just keep growing as time pass on. Getting some stats on the acutual lists would be great. Like...

- Is it possible to get a list of addresses that has never opened our mails?
- Didn't open the last 5/10 e-mails?
- Users that never has clicked a link?
- Users that has opened one of the last 3 mails? so on.

This would be a great feature both to improve the hit rate, but also to clean up old addresses that are in reality "dead".

Is this possible today?

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi srlomme,

Yes, it is possible to get stats like those. To get the list of people who have never opened an email follow these steps:

1. Go to Lists/Subscribers and choose the list in question
2. Click on the link that reads Segments (in the sidebar) and create a new segment
3. In the rules for the segments you'll see an option that says 'Campaign not opened'. Select that. You'll then see a drop down list of all campaigns that were sent to the list in question. Choose the first one.
4. Click the 'Add another "and" rule based on...' and choose 'Campaign not opened'. Choose the next campaign.
5. Continue step 4 until you've created a rule for every sent campaign. Save.

Now you've created a segment of your list that will contain everyone who hasn't yet opened any of your campaigns.

See our help page on segments for more details. You'll see that you also get the option to create a rule based on 'Campaign was opened - No link clicked' as well. For finding people who have opened at least one of many campaigns use the 'Add another "or" condition' rather than adding a new rule.

You won't be able to segment those who have opened X number of campaigns out of the last X campaigns, but you will be able to see those who are not really interested.

Campaign Monitor
srlomme srlomme, 6 years ago

Thanks Carissa, that helps. But very annoying adding sooo many campaigns :)

baysideyachtsman, 6 years ago

Tracking recipients who have never opened email campaigns is very important to my client with only 80 [nonprofit organisation] subscribers on one list. It means that such receipients are not paying attention to important organisational updates. 

The manager of the organisation is contacting these 'non-openers.' One of them (who has not opened 15 consecutive campaigns) has said today that she IS opening the emails using her iPhone. 

So my question is: does tracking work for emails opened using the iPhone?  Even more: does link-click tracking work if a user is dealing with their email only using the iPhone?

I need to know this so that I can inform my client whether the campaign tracking statistics are functioning for users who access their email ONLY using the iPhone. 

Thanks very much!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi baysideyachtsman, click and open tracking usually does work for HTML emails opened using the iPhone. If you take a look at the email client usage reports in your account, there's a good chance you'll see that a percentage of recipients are opening campaigns via their iPhones.

That said, we can't track opens in situations where images have not been downloaded, such as when the recipient has image blocking turned on in their email client settings. For this reason, we also can't track opens for text-only email campaigns. If these scenarios don't ring true, by all means contact our support team with details and we'll happily take a look at your account.

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