Issue with Outlook 2007

Hi all,

A friend of mine has created an email newsletter for me, but I'm having an issue when trying to send it with Outlook 2007.

I've read the great post on Campaign Monitor's blog about Outlook 2007 HTML compatibility, but I can't find the issue... I'm not really good in HTML so if someone could help me it would be great!

Page is here:

Then to send it, I copy/paste in Outlook 2007, and the result is the following:

Thanks in advance,

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi Val, welcome to the forums. Looking at your code and the screenshot supplied, I'm afraid this isn't something you'll easily fix without knowing a little HTML.

The problem seems to be caused by how Outlook 2007 handles padding and margins in table cells. Once you start nesting tables within other tables, things can start to get messy. We've written about a handy tip to avoid this as best as possible, which I recommend passing on to the original designer to check out.

Val, 10 years ago

Hi Dave, thanks for your answer.
I'll have a look to the handy tip and forward it to the designer.

Thanks again for your help, and your great website!

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