border question in Outlook

I've been working on this (my first) HTML template for 3 weeks and appear to be making no progress in getting it to look reasonable in later Outlook versions.

Here's the HTML: … A33FD154E4

Here's a screenshot in Thunderbird, where it's perfect:

And here's Outlook 2010:

I'd really appreciate some help, I have no idea how to get this border issue resolved, or at least not looking so bad.

BThies BThies, 6 years ago

Hi Kanjigirl,

After looking at your HTML, the entire thing would need a full recode for cross-client compatibility (especially in Outlook 2007/2010).

Rather than spend another 3 weeks on it, you may want to reach out to an email coding service (such as mine) that can knock it out in a couple hours:

~ Brian

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
email-ninja email-ninja, 6 years ago

How's it going Kanjigirl -

I'm looking over your source code and found that what Brian is saying is pretty spot on.

- You'll way to avoid defining your CSS within the head of the html doc.

- According to Dreamweaver your nesting of tables is incorrect. So I would go back into your code with a fine tooth comb and check on the nesting.

- I notice you're using rowspan and colspan, I find that the issue you are running into in Outlook 2007 is partly due to this. I posted a help thread about the exact same thing but it was for the iPad; turns out that if you don't want links to show through your content, you'll want to avoid using the row/col spans.

- Also, your padding is throwing off the design. Outlook is pretty finiky when it comes to padding. If you have a top padding of 5 on your left column, make sure you have a 5 pixel top padding on your right column.

Quang Do
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