Where client accesses own area, there are no links to Google Analytics

Hi there,

I have setup a system whereby a client can register via my website using the api - all works nicely and they are given access priveleges 63 - which I believe is the highest.

However, when the client accesses their own area (i.e. not the master account), they can't edit google analytics, newsletter archive, preference center and forward to a friend settings.

Is this correct and therefore I have to do this for each client or am I doing someting wrong.

Thanks in advance


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Phill, yes, 63 is the highest access level. That said, settings like Google Analytics, the newsletter archive and more are still only accessible by the designer via the app itself (ie. can't be set by individual clients).

By all means we'll add your vote for this, but I anticipate that a lot of these management tasks will remain exclusively available in the designer account for the foreseeable future.

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phillmoore, 6 years ago

OK, no problem - just didn't want to miss out on some functionality that was there.

1 further question - in the API, i can't see anywhere to add the client address into the client details, is this also not available at present ?

Thanks very much

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