Gmail adding extra height to my table cells and driving me insane!

I'm having difficulties with Gmail that I don't recall ever having before. I've temporarily given up on the campaign I was trying to finalize for a client and am now just trying to isolate and resolve the problem.

If I place a 200x200 image in a 200x200 cell and then send to Gmail for some reason the cell gets expanded vertically by a few pixels. This is throwing everything off. Can some take a look and see if you can pin point what I''m doing wrong? I'm slowly but surely losing my mind. Even my most basic test fails.

I've place a blue square image inside a single cell that I've given a gray background color so that you can see the problem. The code and preview looks like this:

Looks fine but no matter what I do the Gmail email I get looks like this:

Any ideas? I feel like there must be something really simple that I'm forgetting or unaware of but I can't figure it out.

Thanks so much for any help.

dsafanda, 6 years ago

Ah ha! Guess I just didn't do enough searching. Here's the problem and solution summarized.

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