'internal' clients - inspiration please!

I'm the digital marketing manager for an international company, based in our central marketing dept. I've been using CM for a while, with our internal design team producing our templates and my team creating the content and managing the subscriber lists.

I'm currently working on a proposal to get our US and German subsidiaries using Campaign Monitor as a smarter use of our budget and for better control of our branding - at the moment we're all doing something slightly different and paying for different providers.

the central design and marketing team here in the UK can then control the templates and assist with list management, integration with the websites, keeping things on-brand etc. but the subsidiaries keep the ability to send their own campaigns and control the 'fine tuning' of their messages for the local market and local objectives... and I keep my workload somewhere close to manageable!!

the problem i'm having is working through the logic... if i set them up as seperate clients, managing the subscriber lists accross the three becomes problematic, and we'll end up paying more (I think)... if i let them all in the 'main' account, there's too much potential for stuff to get 'broken'...

Has anyone else done anything similar? Would love to hear your experiences and ideas... Scratching my head somewhat....!


catreenie, 6 years ago

guess not then,......!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hey Cat,

It sounds like your needs aren't an exact match for how Campaign Monitor is setup right now. Separate clients would be the way to go, but it does mean managing lists as you say. Some companies do this via the API though, which may be an option for you.

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