Can a link interact with a calendar app?

Our client has asked us to send a campaign for them to promote the upcoming launch of a new product. What we'd like to do is send a first email announcing the launch and containing a button or link that will add the date of the product launch to the calendar application on their computer.

The mails will be received on desktop email clients and on smartphones, although we've got no way of knowing what sort of split there would be between desktop and phones.

My initial thought was to use a QR code, which is something we're actively looking to use with our clients, but obviously this is reliant on someone having a smartphone with a QR scanning app to hand and even then, the date would only be added to the calendar app on their phone, not that on their desktop computer. Obviously, the more advanced may be using a calendar app that syncs across platforms, but the chances are they'd be in the minority.

I'm positive I've read somewhere - maybe even in the CM help files - that JavaScript support in email clients is either non-existent or patchy at best. This is a massive long shot and I suspect I know the answer already, but is there any way to replicate the ability of a QR code to interact with a calendar app via a standard text hyperlink or button, in the same manner that a mailto link opens a new email window?

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi adnamsdrinker,

The file format .ics is fairly standard for calendar applications. Would it be possible to link to an ICS file that you've hosted on a web server? That way those clicking the link can download the file and it will open in their native calendar app.

And yes, javascript is not well supported by email clients, so best to avoid that if possible.

adnamsdrinker, 6 years ago

Hi Jarrod

Thanks for that - must confess I've never heard of .ics files!

Presumably they're supported by all the big players in calendars, so if that can be made to work from a link in a CM-sent email, that would be superb and something I can see us using for several of our clients.

Many thanks!

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