Email notification when new client signs up


We just launched and what I'd like to know is if it's possible for an email notification to be sent, every time a new client creates an account.

We will automate a few things in the future, but till then it's very important for us to receive an email when someone signs up, so we can set up the account, get in touch or whatever else...

Sorry if this have already been discussed, but after a few searches I couldn't find something relevant.

Phil Phil, 6 years ago


What you're asking for would definitely be handy for your situation, but it's not native campaign monitor functionality, for the simple reason that adding clients is normally something done within the web application by the owner of the account.

In your case it's different, since client creation is automated. By the looks of things, your signup form actually submits to a php script "create-account.php", which presumably does a bunch of magic with our API behind the scenes to create the client accouts.

It would be a relatively easy thing to modify that php to send a copy of the form values to yourself via email. If you don't have the skills to do that, perhaps contact your developer (or whoever was responsible for setting up the signup form) and let them know what you're looking for.


smokypixel smokypixel, 6 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thank you for the quick response. You're right, it is pretty easy to modify the form. I must have been super tired when I wrote the post.. :) . I was wondering why there was no email notification, but I was totally forgetting that normally the clients are created withing the admin account.

Btw, I believe that social sharing and worldview are going to be really good tools for the sales pitch.


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hey Pavlos,

Glad it was an easy fix, and it's good to hear you're happy with social and worldview.

All the best with your rebrand :)

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