mailto: image map link not working on iphone

Dear Forum,

I hope you can help, I have an image map link to a mail link (href="") that doesn't work on an iphone, but works OK on Mac and PC mail apps. Should I be doing something different?

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance, urgent of course!


marmstrong, 6 years ago

After more testing the code seems to be OK, but the image map co-ordinates are not registering with the iPhone. Is there something special I should do? I haven't created html emails with iPhone in mind before, HTMML width is 600 px.


Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Hi Matt,

Image maps are known to be buggy in other email clients such as Outlook also, so are not advised.

Is it possible for you to instead replace the image with text, or to slice up your image and include a regular link on the image instead?

marmstrong, 6 years ago

Thanks Jarrod for your swift and sensible reply, that works for me!


tedgregory, 6 years ago

Matt, can You please check it in iPad??? We're in making same style templates and many clients have one.

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