Autoresponder questions

Hi folks, just a couple of questions:

On the Autoresponder FAQs page (, at the very bottom it's explained that "manually typing subscribers into your account will not trigger the signup to autoresponder emails", but that "adding people ... individually via the API does trigger the signup autoresponder".

I'm not clear on the difference between these scenarios. In the CM control panel, there's an option to "Add new subscribers". Which of the above options is that? (I.e. is that manually typing a subscriber in, or using the API?

Reason I ask is that my client has an autoresponder set up, and it is giving inconsistent results. When adding new subscribers via the CP button mentinoned above, some subscribers never get an email, some get one and no more. (People who sign up via an online form are OK, though.)

Also, each time a new autoresponder goes out, the number of recipients it initially goes out to seems to vary, even though no one has unsubscribed. Over time things seem to balance out, but it's strange that, initially, autoresponder 4 might go out to 100 people, while a month later autoresponder 5 might go out to 90 people (when, as I say, no one has unsubscribed).

Not really clear on how the whole autoresponder system works, TBH. Thanks for any guidance.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Ralph! Good to see you around. Here's my 2c regarding these autoresponder questions:

1) Adding subscribers via your account (control panel) counts as manually typing a subscriber in. Subscribers who are entered this way shouldn't receive an autoresponder, so please contact our support team with details and we'll look into why this is happening for your client.

2) An autoresponder is one or more emails that are automatically triggered when certain subscriber criteria/rules are met, so it shouldn't be surprising if the same amount of people don't trigger an email each day/week/month. For example, a birthday autoresponder will only go out around, or during a subscriber's birthday date - even if the number of subscribers on the list doesn't change for a period, it's unlikely that the number of subscribers' birthdays that fall each day/week/month will be the same.

Again, our support team really needs to see the autoresponder setup here to determine if anything is amiss.

I recommend that you take a look at our introduction to autoresponders - there are some good visual examples in there that should have you all over this feature in no time :)

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