Data URI / Data URL in email

Has anyone out there tested support for images embedded as data URIs? I'm thinking of using this method for an email signature rather than for the main body of the email.

The reason I want to do that is that a client is asking about having an email sig without it showing as an attachment and without having to click to download the images.

Rich Simisker Rich Simisker, 6 years ago

Here are CM's very own findings:

From reading those, it'd work, but it *would* also show as an attachment. For personal e-mail signatures, that may be acceptable.

One thing to bear in mind: the weight of e-mails in a long back-and-forth conversation will really rack up with all that extra embedded data. With the increase in e-mail reading on narrower-bandwidth mobile devices, such bloated mails may tip a mobile-using recipient - the only things on earth less patient than desktop users, don't forget - into 'Grrr Mode' ;)

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