Updating suscription data

Hi CM mates,

my subscription form is nearly ready. I have just had a doubt about the users' data. I'd like to know how to do a form where the user could update his email address, for instance.

Also, I'd like to take advantage of that form to try to convince him to share more data with us as his country, his job, etc.

So, does CM offer this form? Where?

Thanks a lot!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi andreand, I'll help you with this in reverse. First of all, it's possible to collect data like country, job etc by using custom fields. These custom fields can be filled using your subscribe form - here's how to do this.

Once you have custom fields for country, job etc in place on your subscribe form, you can link to a preference center from your email campaigns. Using the preference center, subscribers can keep details like email address and your custom fields updated. Enjoy!

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