Getting Google to index newsletter archives


Does anyone know of a way of getting Google to index the content in items from a CM-generated newsletter archive? I notice from testing that this doesn't seem to be the case.

To explain further: we create monthly newsletters for a client. These are an important part of their business and a lot of time goes into copy and content. After sending they're also listed on their website in a CM-generated archive. The sent newsletters are certainly available to visitors to the site but the valuable content within them doesn't appear to get indexed by Google (obviously it's coming from a different domain).

To get around this we currently add the content into the clients' site as well as sending the newsletter but this is obviously duplication of work and it brings us up again technical issues as well. For example love the new-ish Tweet/Facebook buttons but these are pointing to the cm generated url and not the actual content on the site so we then have to either edit this part of the version of the newsletter that goes into the site to either point them to the final CM url or modify this to the website version url. If we use the website url for the likes and tweets then these don't get tracked in the reporting for the campaign.

The key is that the content is very valuable to the client as a traffic driver and unless we use the duplicate approach it's never going to be indexed by search engines.

Am I looking at this the wrong way or does anyone have a different approach?


joufdesign, 5 years ago

I'm preparing a campaign and having the same questions about Google indexation... does anybody have an answer ?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi go4 and joufdesign, we're very sorry for not responding to this earlier. At present, it isn't possible to get Google to index our generated newsletter archive - it gets generated on the fly using a script (which makes it likely impossible to crawl) and all newsletters have personalization/tracking information removed.

As you've suggested, hosting the content on the client's site is probably the way to go for now. You can grab the share link after you've sent a campaign and copy the code from there, if you wish. As you mention, a few edits may have to be made.

Sorry about adding this extra step to the process - we'd certainly be keen to improve this where possible, so i'll take note of your comments internally and let you know if we make changes to the newsletter archive. Thanks for writing in! :D

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go4 go4, 5 years ago

Ditto, thanks. | WordPress & Campaign Monitor services

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