Edit buttons a bit wonky in FF/Mac

This is what the 'edit' and 'delete' buttons look like for me in the Edit window using Firefox 3 on a Mac:


I always assumed it was like that for everybody, but was randomly editing an email in Safari and notice the way it's supposed to be (normal looking).

Any way of fixing this for us Firefox users? I gave those icons the "display:inline-block;" property and it seems to fix it (though it gave them a little gap back on Safari)

I don't mind dealing with it, but I'm concerned about clients being confused by it (especially, as I've highlighted in the image, the clickable region for the delete icon is pretty large). Thanks!

enfueggo enfueggo, 6 years ago

Sorry for the bump, but no response from the CM team?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


I have just checked Firefox 3 on the Mac and I'm not seeing this problem - the icons are in the normal horizontal layout. Perhaps there are styles in your CSS for that specific template that are affecting our editing icons?

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enfueggo enfueggo, 6 years ago


I was using

img { display: block; }

in my header stylesheet (most likely an Outlook fix I read at some point) but went ahead and simply added it inline to each image tag. Problem fixed. Great idea, Mathew, should have thought of that myself.

FYI, I'm subscribed to this topic via email, but was never notified that you replied. -- Edit, was in my spam folder :/

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