Don't understand the "Unlimited" part of monthly billing

Hi there

We've been using CM for a while on behalf of clients and have stuck with PAYG pricing. We're looking at offering clients monthly pricing, but are confused by the "Unlimited" part of the monthly pricing table.

What does unlimited actually mean in this context?

Say for example we have 500 active subscribers and we sent them an email every day for 30 days (not that we would!) Is that still just charged at $15 for the month?

Many thanks :-)

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hey Matt,

Unlimited is exactly that, unlimited. You could indeed send to your list of 500 subscribers daily and it would still be that same $15 fee, though you might annoy your subscribers :).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
matt-designculture, 6 years ago

OK, great thanks. I think we got confused with the worked example about active subscribers across multiple lists.

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