Double opt-out for web-based unsubscribe forms?

Hi guys,

Long-time email marketeer, first-time Campaign Monitor user here, so good to 'meet' you all :)

I've been trying out the system for the last week or so and everything seems tickety-boo, however one thing I haven't been able to locate so far is the ability to incorporate double opt-out for web-based unsubscribe forms, similar to the double opt-in method when subscribing?

While I can understand the single-click unsubscribe method for emails (as they're obviously being delivered to email account owners directly), the same doesn't necessarily apply to web-based unsubscribe forms I don't think, as without verification or confirmation there's the potential for rivals / competitors / general nasty people to unsubscribe current subscribers from a list simply by entering known email addresses into the unsubscribe form and hitting submit.

While I understand that this practice would be rare, it is still very much possible (I've actually witnessed it first-hand while working at a previous employer), so I guess my question is, firstly, is double opt-out possible, and if not, is this something you'd consider implementing in the semi-near future?



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Steven,

First off, welcome to the forums and thanks for the great first post. I certainly understand where you're coming from here, and I can also confirm that we don't support confirmed unsubscribe (via an unsubscribe link in an email or a form on their site). I'll be honest, this isn't something we get many requests for, if any, so it's not something that's high up on our priority list.

We originally swayed away from it because in most cases it added unnecessary complexity, especially considering someone who tried to abuse it would actually have to know which addresses were on the list to actually remove them.

Having said that, if anyone else things it would be useful feature for them, please chime in with your thoughts.

JetSetStephen JetSetStephen, 9 years ago

Thanks for the warm welcome and timely reply Dave, and I can certainly appreciate that you must have many other feature requests in the queue at the moment which are in much higher demand than this, however - and not meaning to sound pretentious here, honest! - but perhaps this hasn't been requested much so far simply because not that many people may have thought of it?

Don't get me wrong, it probably wouldn't have occurred to me either if I hadn't seen it for myself, but the sad truth is that it can happen unfortunately (especially in small, niche industries where everyone knows everyone else, even the competitors); cads and scoundrels and bad, bad people could do such a thing if no confirmation or verification is in place.

Additionally - and you may have this covered already, I'm not sure - but what happens if I receive a newsletter from a company using Campaign Monitor, and I decide to manually forward it onto a friend of mine because I think they'd be interested (not by using the Forward to a Friend feature though, but by me just hitting 'forward' in my email program). That forwarded email would not only contain all the newsletter's content for my friend to read (which is fine), but it would contain my unsubscribe link as well, and if the person I forwarded the email on to then clicked on the unsubscribe link (which, again, I've seen happen), then they'll unsubscribe me from the list without me ever knowing; I'll just stop receiving the newsletters one day and wouldn't know why.

Again, that's not something I'd ever do personally, but you can be sure that every list has at least one or two people who will do that (both forward it on manually and click on the unsubscribe link), and without a double opt-out feature in place, I'm not sure how that could be avoided? :)

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