Hotmail and line heights

Hello all,

Long time listener, first time poster here.

My colleagues and I were having problems concerning Hotmail and line heights using a particularly rigid email template provided by a client of ours. After a day of testing we found we could manage the line heights in every other client apart from Hotmail, where it pushed the text vertically and thus the template. This led us to assume it was a line height issue.

We got a work around sorted (adding in line-height and font-size attributes in the font/span tag and the td) and, after some discussion amongst ourselves and the client, decided that the difference was negligible and we can live with it.

2 days later during a particularly slow morning I decided to have a look at the code again and asked some of my previous colleagues from other jobs their opinion. One came up with this fix:

.ExternalClass {width: 100%; line-height: 100%}

Placed in the HTML style type.

It seemed to work well (and also fixed and background issue we were having, but thats another story!), but again the difference was still only a slight improvement on before. It also didn't seem to have any effect on the other clients, which was good.

Does anyone know of a a definitive way to fix the line height issue in Hotmail? Or is this is as good as we're gonna get? Also should I be using the 'line-height' attribute at all? If not how do you control your text?

Thanks in advance,


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