Any word on a User Manual that can be rebranded? It's been a while...

There has been talk for many years now about CM creating a user manual that can be rebranded for resellers to provide to their clients.

Just wondering if there is any update on the progress of this and if there is an ETA that we can get excited about?!

Having this document available would make the support that we need to provide to our clients soooooo much easier. It is almost to the point where the amount of support needed is making the provision of the CM service to our clients not viable.

Sure we can do our own, but I would suspect from the point of view of CM that having a consistent document for providers would be most beneficial to maintaining brand consistency so that the print/soft documentation mimics the online look and feel?



Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Thanks Paul,

This is something we are planning, we've changed direction a little on it recently (and there have been some big feature changes to Campaign Monitor) but it is now a high priority.

Could you elaborate on "the amount of support needed is making the provision of the CM service to our clients not viable" - what kind of support are you giving them? Are they reading the online help at all? It would help us to understand the issues you are having.

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briodigital briodigital, 6 years ago

Thanks Matthew,

Generally the majority of the support is around the reports. How to access them, how to interpret them etc. And also a fair amount of time spent explaining how to create new lists, fields, segments etc.

I dont know whether it's just my clients or not (!) but they seem unaware of the power of this system and emarketing in general. We do educate them of this, but there seems to be a general 'fear' around taking it by the throat and running with it. It is something so simple (easy for me to say I guess) that they can do for themselves, but actually doing it is another thing altogether!!!

When I start to tell them that we can link it in with their Google Analytics for reporting there is general excitement but when it comes to explaining how to do it we always get the response, "can you just set it up for me?" Which is fine to do, and we are happy to do extra value add services for our clients of course. But the whole idea of the concept of this system is that they can do it themselves because it is so simple.

I guess part of my point is that developers and technical minded people find CM so very simple to use but the more creative thinking marketing managers (generalisation!) don't have the patience for the technical understanding required for setting up an email.

CM is the best system I have seen and used and the thought and vision behind the system in terms of providing an API is brilliant.

Please accept these comments as constructive criticisms!

In terms of clients reading the online help... I wish!!! The online help is also brilliant, I use it myself! I think it comes down to how we do business. We are in a service industry and clients being able to pick up the phone and have someone on the end that can help will always be a preferred method of support. It may save the client time, but it certainly doesn't save us any! Unfortunately time is what we charge for, not widgets!


VividGroup, 6 years ago

We are also very keen to have one of these... any manual at all would be fantastic as long as its specifically targeted to our end users.

How to manage Subscribers
How to Create a Campaign
How to use the editor
How to use reporting

I realise a lot of this is available in various areas of your site and to date we have been collating bits and pieces into our own user manual, but a proper and detailed step by step for end users would be fantastic.

VividGroup, 6 years ago

Also... seeing I have a client coming in for training tomorrow, it would be helpful if at a minimum the info on your site could be updated with instructions that match the new system e.g. refers to the old editor :(

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi VividGroup, thank you for your ideas for a user guide. This has been a bit of a start/stop project for us, so we're happy for you and others to not only provide ideas, but perhaps a bit of momentum to get this done.

Thanks also for catching us up there on the help page - we've already updated most of our documentation, but seemingly missed this page :P I've updated it now with new copy and screenshots, so please feel free to use as much as you like for training. Let us know if you spot anything else and I'll get it updated as well.

Thanks again - we really appreciate your help here :)

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architxt architxt, 5 years ago


Is there a user guide of any sort at all?

There is a ton of useful info in the Getting Started section but I'm after a guide that explains how to use CM, starting from an overview of the lifecycle of a campaign.

The CM interface is intuitive enough but for a complete newbie (and there are many) there is no info on what the first step is, for example.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi architxt, thanks for your feedback here - I just responded via your earlier thread. It's definitely something for us to keep in mind, so I'll keep you posted on this one.

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dsloan, 5 years ago

Hi, definitely something we'd love to see also. Even just a quickstart guide.


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