Feature Request: Aargh... translating plain text unsubscribe message

I don't like starting a topic subject line with the words "Feature Request". I really don't.

But there something I dislike even more. And that doing silly, repeating tasks that could be standarized or automated. Like translating the plain text version unsubscribe message in each and every approval process.

Every single time a new customer needs to go through the approval, the friendly CM people have to remind us to translate this line of text from the default English to Dutch. Because our clients always forget and to be honoust, so do we. It's a drag and it unnecessarily slows the approval proces.

It would be great if we could enter our own couple of translated lines of default text for this.

Because -- to be honoust again -- the only time the unsub message in the plain text version get translated, is during the approval and that's just because CM asks us to do so. In every next campaign it is forgotten and campaigns go out with the default English text again.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Chr1s, many thanks for keeping us on our toes about language support. I'm most certainly add your vote internally for this and let you know if it's something we add to a future release.

Totally agree that it's a major drag - there's loads we can do to improve in this regard. A huge thank you for your patience with us here.

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