Some images wont load in Outlook Express

I am testing an email template I've written and for some unknown reason Outlook Express thinks two of the images are at the following urls:

These url's are invalid and should actually be:

These images were uploaded through Campaign Monitor's content editor via a <repeater><$imagesrc link='true'$></repeater> section of my template.

All other email clients I've tested do not have this problem (Outlook 2007, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and more...)

Since the url's to these files are automatically generated by Campaign Monitor, I am unsure why this happens or how I can fix it.

I've taken a look at the raw email source code in Thunderbird, and my guess is that Outlook Express has trouble parsing the html:
... <img src=3D"http=
/ei/r/ED/ACB/2CE/ijlytit/logo-iomart211419.gif" a=
lt=3D"Iomart pre-close trading statement" width=3D"42" height=3D"15" styl=
e=3D"border-style:none;" > ...

Has anybody else encountered this problem?

thanks in advance.

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hey phatphug,

This is actually a bug that happens with Outlook and it's Outlook that maddeningly adds that extra dot, not our system, which is why the same campaign will have the correct URLs everywhere else but Outlook.

But you can have some control over it, because it's generally due to long, unbroken lines of code that cause the issue in Outlook. To avoid the issue, you'll want to break up the code manually by putting the image tag on it's own line, and for extra measure you can add some line breaks into the tag, such as:

width="n" height="n" etc />

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