How to treat difficult questions from clients

Hi there,

I'm am thinking about offering email campaigns as part of our services to clients and i think that Campaign Monitor & Mail Build are both fantastic tools and the way in which they have targeted web designers is genius.

However i am wondering how others deal with difficult questions from clients, for exmple if a client asks if i made the software myself i dont want to lie to them but at the same time i want more business out of them and dont want them to bypass me and go direct to campaign monitor themselves.

Also if i twist the truth and give the impression that i own / developed the tool and then at a later date somehow the client finds out i didnt then it looks bad.

I really want to go forward with this and can see alot of business out of it but i would appreciate any help and advice on how to word things when i present this as a service to my clients.

Kind Regards

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Hi David,

If I am ever asked which software I use by clients I just tell them upfront Campaign Monitor. I let them know I have tried out many different solutions and this is by far the best.  I am not concerned that they will bypass me as they come to us for our experience and skills. Most of my clients do not have the time to run email campaigns and to be honest very few ever ask what software I use. They often have a wish list of features instead such as can I get reports or forward my emails.....

I would focus on your design and campaign management skills when selling email marketing. What software you use is mostly irrelevant to your clients as long as it does what they need. Anyone can send out an email (it took me around 10mins to figure out how to send out my first Campaign Monitor test email) but it takes more skill than pressing the send button to put together an effective email campaign.

good luck!


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Great points Anna, I agree with everything you've said. Many of our customers also might use the word "partnered".

We've partnered with Freshview to provide the best email marketing software for you possible

Having said that, many of our customers do pitch it as their own product, and we go to great lengths to never blow your cover.

vince, 9 years ago

We've partnered with a specialist supplier to provide all the hardware and software that currently gives the best service for deliverability and "CAN SPAM" compliant. :-)

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Nice, couldn't have said it better myself!

g-wiz, 9 years ago


I'm sorry to say that I'm having a very difficult situation as a result of one of your staff not blowing our cover, but telling another agency - without reference to us - that it would be OK to move the client data out of our account into theirs.

This was the response to my complaint.
"They could contact us using any email address asking questions about Campaign Monitor, and we will answer them, because we have no way of knowing if they are someone's client or not. "

No check was made on the ownership of the account in question before doing this.

Then and after we told the other agency that we couldn't do it because it would involve handing over details of our own account (i.e a commercial, not a technical barrier) the other agency contacted you again, this time giving the names of both agencies, and CM STILL said it was OK to move the data if they gave the details of the accounts in question.

Given that I and other customers of yours have put not insignificant marketing resource behind white labelling, I'd like to know whether you have a general policy of being quite so transparent in front of people who are sometimes our competitors as well as clients.

I'm sorry that my first post on the forum after nearly a year of using your services is so negative, but I really need this cleared up before we invest time in a Mailbuild white label only to have it handed over in the same way. I have had no success in getting help from support in solving the problem they have caused, I hope this approach will prove more productive.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Note: Please be aware that the above post is in reference to a series of emails, and has quoted our response out of context, and without the full reply.

We are working with this customer to resolve the issue, but as every person should be aware, once your client knows that you are rebranding Campaign Monitor or MailBuild, and can contact us directly, your only option is to be completely honest with them - they have access to our website, forums and other customers at that point.

We certainly do a lot of work to ensure we don't give it away, but disagreements between designers and their clients are always best resolved privately.

It is also worth reiterating that we will not move information or give access without the permission of the account owner.

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g-wiz, 9 years ago

I hardly think it's out of context Matthew, and as for your last comment, you offered to move the account data before checking with us.

My point is that whilst we don't expect you to be completely opaque when talking to potential new clients, I don't think you've gone anything like far enough to protect the interests of your existing ones in this case.

Sure, they know we use an external provider, but telling another agency quite how easy it is for them to walk off with the contents of our account is hardly in the spirit of a white-label solution, is it?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I'm not going to go into it all here, and it is out of context, but in 99% of cases, client own the list they are sending to, as per our permission policies, and their designers are happy to agree to the move. Yours is a very specialised case, as I have explained to you.

Once we check with the designer, of course we can move their account. We only told your client that we could do it, we would not actually move it without permission. The spirit of a white label solution really depends on the clients not knowing about the original software, otherwise it is no longer white.

I am sorry that you are not satisfied with our responses, but we have have not had this issue before with any other customer. As I say, it is a very rare case so our policies have to be based on what is best for the majority of customers.

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PDD2010, 7 years ago

Sorry if this is out of context, but could you please advise what happens when a customer emails you at  c/send . com

This email address is the one that is displayed if a client visits c/send . com website (the URL on the bill they receive).

I would be a lot happier if there was no email address and a simple "please contact your provider" message was displayed, but understand that you're trying to be all things to all people.  The problem is, how can you know who the client belongs to when they contact you on the above email?  Therefore, doesn't it give the game away?


Diana Diana, 7 years ago


If a client gets in touch with us we'll look them us in the system based on their email address, their name, their company, etc (something in their email will link to whatever is listed in their client account generally) and we'll forward that email on to you.

We do need to ensure that we give people a way to get in touch at all times if they don't recognize a charge. They may not be familiar with their provider (if someone else in the company made the charge for example) and we don't want them disputing it rather than contacting us.

We'll never contact your clients though, we just find out what reseller they're associated with and forward the message on.

D. Potter
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