Adding <P> tags by default in <$description$> tags

The use of <$description$> in a template comes with a great bonus by default- a paragraph tag. I absolutely hate the fact that my pixel perfect code is ruined by a silly <P> tag inserted via the editor and instead have to either apply manual paragraph formatting to remove margins/padding or design around this completely.

I'm aware this can be fixed with some tweaks to your email with a little CSS here and there, the problem is that as a designer I shouldn't have to. Campaign Monitor prides themselves of providing tools for designers, yet on the same hand insult us with added <P> tags.

This won't affect everyone, and for the most part will go unnoticed by those using templates, but at the very least I'd like an option to override the default paragraph tags that plague my email template.

Please fix this as this would give me the peace of mind knowing that what I have designed is what the email will end up like.

jmknobeloch, 6 years ago

I am very new to designing and coding templates, but came across this problem today.  It plagued me for quite a while before I found this post and was able to go back and remove my own <P> tags, allowing the default the comes with the <$description$> tag to take over.  Thankfully, it doesn't negatively affect this particular template to use this fix, but yes, I would appreciate the ability to turn this automatic function off!

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.

Conceptually a description element can contain one or more paragraphs of text, which is why it uses the <p> tag. However we do understand lots of people don't want to use it that way and in some upcoming changes will give you more options.

In the meantime, some simple CSS in the head to format paragraphs inside your required elements is the way to go. It will automatically be made inline for you when the campaign is sent.

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