Disappearing title and text in Outlook 2007/2010

Help please!

I have a newsletter template that has been working fine for almost a year but my client has recently added some content to generate a very strange result in Outlook 2007 and 2010. I have run 6 litmus tests with changes each time and the problem is clearly only in Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2007 results persist in not returning despite no warnings when I run the test!)

Here are the last test results I ran 
**the problem only occurs in Outlook 2010 where the title and first line of text in the bottom right content td are completely disappearing - even the td borders seem to disappear?! 
Here is the rendered newsletter html
Here is the template html

Has anyone faced this before - any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

felisimina, 6 years ago

Just for the record (and just in time for the Easter break) I think I have solved this. It seems to be to do with the use of a rowspan.  I haven't been able to rectify it completely but will post new results when I have updated the template. 

Just wanted to post that in case anybody was going to get the Easter Bunny onto the problem - leave him be - he's got eggs to deliver ;)

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